As a result, I felt part of something I hadn’t felt for many, many years—a country of compassionate fellow citizens. We were everywhere. It was an open, friendly, upbeat chaos.
There was a feeling of, “Damn right this is our country and we’re taking it back!”


Tell Your Story

Every photographer has a story to tell, and I can help you tell yours. The way you present your work tells the world who you are as a photographer. I can help you make it a clear, strong, dynamic story. I help photographers sharpen their vision, and put together their strongest portfolios and websites. I give photographers creative direction to help them achieve their goals.

Consulting, Editing, Educating, Curating

My experience as a multi-award winning photo editor gives me a wealth of skills and creative ideas to bring to everyone I work with. Let me give you a fresh new way of looking at your work, and the enthusiasm to achieve your goals. Whatever your genre of photography, I can help you to focus your career. I also curate photography exhibitions and organize lectures and seminars about photography. I am available for one-on-one consultations and portfolio reviews both nationally and internationally.