It’s not unusual for photographers to come to a point in their career where they realize they no longer have perspective about their own work, and need an impassive eye to evaluate what they need to refresh and reinvigorate their photography. And that’s where consulting with Stella can prove invaluable.

Through in-depth critiques and positive encouragement, Stella will work with you to strengthen your creative eye, look at your photography in a new way, and shape your presentation to attract interest from the clients you want to work with.  She can help to craft an artist statement, direct you to new outlets for your work, whether online, in print, in galleries or in other formats.  Stella brings real world knowledge and vast experience to her clients, giving them the support and tools to help them be the photographers they want to be.

Whether you are

  • an aspiring photographer who needs an objective, experienced eye to help you edit your portfolio or website
  • a mid-career photographer looking for strategic advice from a seasoned pro to help you reach the next stage in your career
  • just feeling stuck, and looking for constructive feedback to help you refresh your work

Stella will provide individualized feedback, both one-on-one or in a small group setting for portfolio reviews and website consultations of all genres of photography.


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