Robert Herman The New Yorkers

It was at a portfolio review in 2009 that I met Robert Herman and first saw  “The New Yorkers,” his amazing street photography project 10 years in the making. Robert wanted to publish the project as a book, and so we began working together towards that goal.

The first order of business was to edit the work into a more manageable amount of images and then to begin the difficult process of sequencing. Sometimes photographers can become overwhelmed by their own project, and with so many wonderful photographs, it was easy to lose perspective. After working together for a while we were able to hone in on the photographs that were most evocative of New York City.

I encouraged Robert to write about the project, and helped to bring out a wonderfully personal artist statement that gave him a new perspective on his own work and its personal meaning. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about this project to help move it closer to becoming an actual book.  And I am thrilled to say Robert is presently in discussion with a publisher.

“Stella’s insight as a photo editor and as a writer was instrumental in moving The New Yorkers book project to completion. Stella was extremely helpful in seeing the seemingly hidden connections between the images and finding the narrative in the images. Her insight and continuing support was and is invaluable on the long journey from conception to publication.”

Robert Herman, photographer