AaronGraubartMelonsAaron Graubart found me through a mutual friend in the business. What a pleasure it was to open his portfolio and see his Dark Food photographs. The painterly quality of this body of work added an emotional and sensuous feeling that really made it unique.

This work was already garnering clients, but it was important for Aaron to make his website and thus his visual statement stronger and more streamlined. Our work together has focused on bringing the truly strongest images to the forefront and talking about zeroing in on exactly who Aaron wanted to work with.  I’ve also encouraged him to reach out to online magazines and blogs, and the work has struck a chord with others, appearing online in fotoVisura, La Lettre and LPV.

“As a busy photographer, stepping back and really seeing one’s work as a whole rather than as individual pieces can be a challenge. Therefore an educated, insightful, smart, precise, enthusiastic, and importantly, unconnected opinion of one’s work is absolutely invaluable. Stella gave me just that and more. She helped me to rework my portfolio and website giving them both far more depth, flow and meaning. She is also full of ideas about self promotion, marketing and how to broaden one’s photographic world. I will certainly be working with her again in the future.”

Aaron Graubart, photographer