Douglas Ljungkvist Ocean Beach

Douglas is a photographer who I came to know through a seminar I gave at Mediabistro in 2008.  His strong sense of color and beautifully composed architectural photography showed his unique eye.  During our consultations I was able to help him pull together a tighter edit and sequence from his photographs and thus make it into a stronger body of work.

In the ensuing years I have had the pleasure of seeing Douglas mature as a photographer and become more honed in on how he sees the world.  His eye is unique, and his love of the simple story told with color and form has brought his work major attention from the likes of FlakPhoto, La letter, LPV, Klompching gallery, and Rangefinder Magazine.

“Whether you’re looking to edit a personal photography project, prepare for a portfolio review, write a work statement, or perfect sequencing for an exhibition proposal, Stella Kramer is the person for the job! 
Stella’s experience speaks for itself. I’ve worked with her on both editorial and personal portfolios with very satisfying results. She is honest, and communicates in a straight forward manner which makes it easy to understand. I have and will continue to recommend Stella to anyone who could use some outside assistance or inspiration!
Douglas Ljungkvist, photographer