Sari Goodfriend Silverheads


When I met Sari in 2008 I was struck by her beautiful view of the world.  She was an adept photographer, shooting portraits, travel, and food.  I began working with her to redefine her self as a photographer, focusing on the work that was strongest—her portraits.

When Sari showed me her “Silverhead” project, I was so impressed that I blogged about it. I’ve encouraged her to continue to expand and even to show these beautiful portraits.  We talk a lot about how to expand and grow a project, and continue to find meaning in the work you are doing.

“I highly recommend Stella. She is brilliant visually, has an amazing knowledge of photography. Stella knows how and why certain images work and others don’t. She is gutsy in her selects, and can help photographers’ work be seen in a way it might not have been previously. She’s good at pairing images and ordering them in a way that makes them stand out. Stella has an inordinate respect for photographers and only wants to see us succeed.
Sari Goodfriend, photographer