Do you remember Hurricane Sandy? If you were a downtown or edge-of-the-water New Yorker, how could you forget? We got smacked. For some New Yorkers the damage is still present, even 10 months after the disaster.

Ben Lowy Rollercoaster

Benjamin Lowy – Sunken Roller Coaster, NJ

#SANDY is a book of iPhone photos of Hurricane Sandy by acclaimed photographers to be published by Daylight Books later this fall and will be distributed in 2014. 100% of the royalties will be donated to Occupy Sandy to support rebuilding efforts in the New York City area, and Sandy Storyline.

There are always worthy photography projects where people ask for your money. And I know I’ve asked you to contribute to several of them (but I put my money where my mouth is).  Any and all contributions will help. And since it’s on Indiegogo, any and all money raised will go to seeing this book published.

Ruddy Roye

Ruddy Roye – Woman Cherishing Family Portraits, Rockaways

Wyatt Gallery Staten Isalnd

Wyatt Gallery – Displaced Home, Staten Island

Erica Simone

Erica Simone – Blackout in Manhattan

Wyatt Gallery, whose work is included, pulled this together with such photographers as Benjamin Lowy, Ruddy Roye, Ed Kashi, Richard Renaldi and 15 others photographers. It’s not your usual photobook in that all profits will be donated, and all the photos were made using iPhones, which is the first time coverage of a disaster was photographed this way. To be completely transparent, I helped in the early stages of this project.

Michael Christopher Brown

Michael Christopher Brown – Walking on Boardwalk, Rockaway Beach

You can contribute here and the rewards are really good. For $15 you get an invite to an event on Sept 4th in NYC plus a raffle ticket to win a signed book and a print. Any and all contributions help, so please get on board.

Hank Willis Thomas

Hank Willis Thomas

All Photographs courtesy of #Sandy