Yesterday I went to Anastasia Gallery in New York to see the wonderful Ron Haviv show before it closed. Ron has been witness to so much history, and I have known and admired him and his work for years.

After taking in his work I looked through the large portfolios in the middle of the room, all photographers I like and respect: Ed Kashi, Marcus Bleasdale, Bruce Haley, Michael “Nick” Nichols, and others. And that’s when I realized that all the portfolios were of male photographer works. Duh!

This isn’t about the photographers, or the gallery per se. I have liked every show I have seen there, and I’m glad there is a photojournalism gallery in New York. But this is 2014 after all!

I asked the gallery person whether they showed or represented any women. And other than Dina Litovsky, the answer was no. She told me they realized there was a problem, and in 2015 they were planning on only showing women photographers. Considering the fact that the gallery has been open several years, it seemed weird they only just “realized” the problem. And since, as she told me, they work one year in advance, I couldn’t stop thinking about how idiotic that was.

There are so many women photographers who are contemporaries of all the men they show. I’m not going to name them, you should know who I’m talking about.  I am so tired of this being an issue. Why did it take them this long to see the “problem?” Are we ever going to get to a point where it isn’t obvious that something’s wrong?

And don’t get me started on the fact that it seems that all their photographers are white……….