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It’s Important to Think About These Things

Posted on July 31st, 2013

One of the most difficult things for most photographers to do is to edit and sequence their own work. While you may love a particular image, it is often not the photo itself you love, but the emotions and experience associated with it. You are too close to your own work. And sometimes you’ve just been shooting so much that you’ve lost perspective on the work itself. That’s why photographers are well served by having someone unconnected to them look…

From New York, It’s Live!

Posted on September 20th, 2012

I put up my website in 2005.  It was an inexpensive, but maddening experience.  I had constant difficulty reaching the person who was creating the site, and it was hard to do all the writing I needed to do.  I had to have it up before a certain event, and it came in just under the wire. Over the years between then and now I became increasingly disillusioned with the site and with the person who had designed it.  She…