The summer is over, and once more it seems like it almost never happened. I thought it would be fun to do a post about photographers and their ink. With so many photographers tattooed, I wondered if they had photo-related ink. Here’s some of what I found. They are in order: Meg Griffiths, Roger May, Jason Landry/Panopticon, Hye-Ryoung Min, Clay Patrick McBride, Trent Nelson, Jacklyn Michele, Gabriel Thompson, Christophe Dillinger, Zak Neumann, Destry Jaimes, Jordan Baumgarten, Heather Oelklaus, Markus Hartel, David Rangel, Brian Espinosa, John Frenzel

John Frenzel tattoo

I love what Hye-Ryoung Min wrote to me about her tattoo:

“I got it as a birthday gift to myself in 2008. It has two meanings.

First it is a box with a pinhole, which is the basic form of a camera. Second, my tattoo is a reference to the box drawn by the pilot in Saint-Exupery’s “Little Prince.”  As the Little Prince is free to see the sheep in any way he prefers, a camera is simply a box to contain my imagination.

 I see this tattoo whenever I photograph. It is on my left arm and its shape becomes perfect only when I hold my camera with the right hand, and my left extends to support the lens barrel.”

If I didn’t get a photo of yours, send it along and I’ll add it in.